NHSCPA Young Professionals 2016-2017 Leadership Program

June 24, 2016 –

The program will commence with a two-night, two-day retreat at The White Mountain Hotel and Resort, Wednesday, August 17th - Friday, August 19th. The curriculum maintains a strong focus on personal professional development in the areas of communication, public speaking, risk assessment, along with strategic thinking and management skills. Each day will consist of two, four-hour sessions including the following:

  • Public speaking and communication
  • Team building activity and risk assessment
  • Managing partner panel
  • Strategic thinking and management skills


On separate occasions following the overnight retreat, participants will reconvene to take part in a 'NH Business Day', held at various locations in the Greater Manchester Area, as well as a 'Community Day'. The NH Business Day will focus on providing exposure to various corporate and non-profit organizations and their impact on the NH economy. Participants will engage in intimate and focused discussions on topics such as the entrepreneurial spirit, seizing opportunity and overcoming challenges as well as the future of the NH economy. Most importantly, participants will expand their professional networks and build lasting relationships that are sure to enhance their careers and strengthen the impact on a state level.  

This program provides participants with an experience that cannot be obtained elsewhere and is geared specifically toward the public accounting and legal professions. Several alumni obtained the skills they needed to reach the next level of management within their respective firms' hierarchy. If you are interested in applying to the program, please fill out the attached application and return it to the NHSCPA along with a recommendation from your managing or supervising partner. I strongly encourage you to apply as this program will not only greatly enhance your professional growth but also propel you to the next level as a CPA or legal professional.


"The leadership program retreat teaches the Young Professionals (YP's) selected practical skills in communication, public speaking, and team building.  These are crucial skills for the YP's to develop in order to take the next step forward at their respective firms.  The program is interactive; YP's are expected to work together to complete objectives and share ideas.  The business and political days are a great opportunity for the YP's to see the retreat's foundational objectives in practice by some of New Hampshire's most well respected leaders."

  - Jason Beiswenger, CPA

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"The 2013 NHSCPA Leadership Program was a great experience that brought together the future of the accounting profession in New Hampshire. The program not only reinforced the qualities that a leader exemplifies, but also put into perspective the important role a CPA plays as a trusted advisor in New Hampshire to those in business and politics." - Jerry Cahill, CPA

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"I found the Leadership Program to be a very beneficial and rewarding experience. Between the various team-building activities, communication seminars and partner panel, I acquired many of the skills necessary to take my career to the next level. It was refreshing to be around many like-minded Young Leaders looking to grow in their careers, the profession and the Community." - Katharine O'Sullivan, CPA

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"The leadership program was a great experience for me and the benefits continue to reveal themselves in my day-to-day activities. The connections made with peers and the knowledge I gained are invaluable to my professional development." 

- Tyler Butler, CPA

   Applications are due by July 15, 2016

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