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August 20, 2015 –

CPA Certification in New Hampshire Get all the certification materials and information you need.

CPA Exam in New Hampshire- Get the Facts You Need to Pass- Call the NHSCPA office to have this informative booklet sent to you: 603-622-1999.

Becker CPA Review  NHSCPA members receive up to $300 off the full four-part course tuition for either Live, Online, or CD-ROM self study review course format.

Yeager CPA Review  As a NHSCPA Member, the four part CPA Review Course (FAR-AUD-REG-BEC) will cost $1350, a 20% discount and packed with extras. When checking out use the discount code NHSCPA. Take a look at the interactive online MyYaeger Student Portal where the road map to success begins. The average pass rate is 88%! Try our Free Assessment Tool to gauge your readiness to take the CPA Exam. Contact Elayne Dudley at (561) 430-2830 or for more information. 

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Roger CPA Review  The State Society price of $1545 is the lowest new student price we offer.  It's a $550 discount off our retail price.  (It's $150 less than our college student rate!) 

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