CPE Course Surgent's Data Analytics Readiness Series: Formulas, Named Ranges, and Formula Auditing On-Demand Webcast

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Curriculum Information Technology

Field of Interest

Level Intermediate

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Accountants who want to transition to data analysis and have a basic knowledge of Excel and Excel formulas


  • Understand the applicable Excel skills that will be required in making the transition to data analyst
  • Apply formulas to existing data and debug errors in formulas
  • Understand the importance of naming conventions in Excel tables
  • Understand the basic formula language and implementation guidance and be able to apply that guidance to common formulas used in data analytics


  • Named ranges- how they help in creating formulas
  • Naming conventions and why they are important
  • What you need to know to master formulas
  • How to audit your formulas to limit errors
  • Exercises- formulas
    • Named ranges
    • How to enter a formula- best practices to improve skill levels



2+ years of experience working with Excel


Surgent McCoy CPE, LLC

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