CPE Course Current Developments and Best Practices for Today's CFOs and and Controllers

May 23, 2018

8:30am — 4:15pm

Location Manchester

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Field of Interest Finance

Level Intermediate

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CFOs, controllers, and finance professionals

8.00 credits

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Many organizations spend huge amounts of money and effort at planning, forecasting, and budgeting and all too often the three disciplines are separated and not connected throughout the company. It appears that people who are doing the strategic planning aren’t talking with the people who are doing the budgeting or forecasting. Also, there is a lack of uniform accountability throughout the organization. This course is designed to completely integrate the planning process and show how it can move from long-range thinking, through medium-term planning, through the annual budget, and to the monthly cash-flow forecast. This course will teach the participant how to avoid many political pitfalls that end up causing a lack of accountability and often cause the planning process to be demotivating to the staff. This isn't just a strategic planning course or a budgeting course. It is a course that looks at the entire planning process from beginning to end and shows how much smoother it can be when it is an integrated process. While it is a technical course discussing many of the technical tricks and tips for producing a good plan, it is also a management course in that it will discuss the political aspects of planning.

* Implement an integrated approach to planning, budgeting and forecasting for a more uniform process throughout the organization
* Avoid the political pitfalls that often come with the planning process
* Maximize the usefulness of the different plans developed for the organization
* Identify the differences between strategic and incremental planning
* Perform a financial risk analysis
* Perform an EVA analysis (PV, ROI and Modified ROI)
* Be familiar with the results of the case studies and exercises that reinforce key learning points throughout the course


* Differences between planning and budgeting
* The business model
* Strategic plan, marketing plan, and technology plan
* Financial forecasting and financial risk analysis
* Five-year operating plan and the sales/income plan
* Intermediate planning and capital equipment planning
* One-year operating plan and monthly planning
* Cash plan and risk plan


Jay Giannantonio, MBA, CPA, CIA

Jay Giannantonio, MBA, CPA, CIA, is a management consultant specializing in internal audit, risk management, process improvement and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance issues. His professional experience includes long stays at Verizon/Bell Atlantic and KPMG Consulting in a professional career that began in 1980. His teaching experience includes time as an adjunct faculty member in the MBA program at Widener University.close


Experience in financial management of a small or midsize company


Surgent McCoy CPE, LLC

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