CPE Course CFO Forum: Reinventing the Finance Role

June 19, 2019

8:30am — 4:15pm

Location Manchester

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Curriculum Management

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Level Intermediate

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This series is for people who are, or aspire to be, chief financial officers. 

8.00 credits

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Each day of Executive Education’s CFO Forum consists of an expert, leading discussions about four different topics.  We feature high-quality presentations and the interactive, executive level colleague-to-colleague approach, which enhances your learning experience. 


The 4 Topics Discussed:Reinventing the Finance Role (Management)

When everything you must accomplish seems overwhelming, it is often hard to see the big picture.  Step back and understand your role as others do.  Your board, CEO, peers and the rest of the organization are customers for the information you create.  Understanding their perspective will change how you gather, process and distribute information.  It will change your focus from dealing with the past to collaborating with others to make the future happen.  As a result, you will work more efficiently and will be far more valued.  This session will help stimulate your way of thinking about your own position and the department you run. 

Participants will learn:

1.       Why getting more efficient begins with understanding your customer’s needs 

2.       How actively collaborating with others can make your far more effective

Financial Management: 10 Tips for Success and 13 Signs of Failure (Management)

Today’s effective financial leader must establish on-going credibility and adaptability to be effective.  Finance professionals operate in a landscape of constant flux, yet financial management’s fundamental success skills do not vary.  Hear veteran accounting speaker Richard Karwic discuss why some financial managers succeed while others fail. 

Participants will learn:

1.       How to develop better credibility for yourself and your department 

2.       10 tips for financial management success

Generations at Work: Finding Common Ground (Management)

The dynamics of today’s workforce ARE changing.  Gone are the days when managers spent years working their way up the company’s ladder.  Because of the relatively small population of Generation Xers, leadership is transitioning many management positions from Baby Boomers to Millennials.  The result is a greater age difference between colleagues.

This session explores the differences between the generations who make up the current workforce and the implications, both positive and negative, of the gap.  We will explain why finding common ground is crucial to survival, and how to accomplish it.  Receive practical tips and tricks to manage multiple generations in our work places.

Participants will learn:

1.       How to deal with a changing workforce

2.       How generational differences can become an asset

The Business Secrets of Trappist Monks (Management)

"The Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks," by August Turak, has been an unconventional business best seller.  What makes the Trappist Monks successful?  The short answer is the monks discovered an amazing secret: “It is in our own self-interest to forget our self-interest.”  Just like every business, a Trappist monastery must be self-sufficient.  Trappists are world famous for many products, from cheese to wool to, most famously, beer.  If they do not sell their goods, they do not eat.  The Trappists have learned the hard way many lessons that are effective for every business; honing their business skills for 350 years.  We discuss key lessons applicable to any business.  

Participants will learn:

1.       How Trappist monks have made every monastery self-sufficient

2.       Lessons that can make every business more effective

Cases and Group Discussion

The CFO Series provides extensive case study analysis and many opportunities for group discussion.


Richard Karwic, MBA

Richard A. Karwic, MBA, is a management consultant with over 40 years of relevant financial and managerial experience. In addition to 15 years of broad-based management consulting, he has over 15 years of experience as Chief Financial Officer for several diverse businesses in a wide variety of industries. He has worked in over 100 businesses, including several divisions of well-known, Fortune 500 companies. Richard lives in Wethersfield, Connecticut.close


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