CPE Course Yellow Book: Application of GAGAS Principles

May 16, 2022

8:45AM — 12:15PM


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Curriculum Auditing, Yellow Book

Field of Interest Accounting and Auditing, Yellow Book

Level Beginning

Designed For

Government auditors and publicaccountants that will be planningor conducting engagements inaccordance with GovernmentAuditing Standards, 2018Revision ("Yellow Book")

4.00 credits

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When you complete this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the guidance found in Government Auditing Standards, 2018Revision.
  • Recognize the relationship between Government Auditing Standards andother professional standards.
  • Recognize the Yellow Book guidance regarding independence as found inGovernment Auditing Standards, 2018 Revision.
  • Identify the Yellow Book requirements for financial statement audits.


  • Foundation and principles for government auditing
  • General requirements for complying with Government Auditing Standards
  • Ethics, independence, and professional judgment
  • Competence and CPE
  • Quality control and peer review
  • Standards for financial audits





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