CPE Course Surgent's Guide to Depreciation Rules and Their Interaction with the Repair Regulations (DEPR)

February 20, 2018

1:00 PM — 3:00 PM

Location Webinar

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Curriculum Taxation

Field of Interest

Level Intermediate

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Any tax practitioner who wishes to understand the current environment relating to when expenditures should be capitalized and when they can be expensed, and the methodology that can be used to depreciate such expenditures

2.00 credits

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  • Stay informed of current depreciation methods
  • Know the ways in which the repair regulations and the depreciation rules interact


  • Depreciation rule changes relating to Section 179, bonus, and 15-year qualified real property
  • When taxpayers may take the Section 179 deduction
  • When related party rules prevent using an accelerated depreciation method
  • Summary of how the repair regulations determine when expenditures relating to buildings and tangible property should be capitalized or expensed
  • Safe harbor elections that taxpayers can make under the repair regulations to expense items that otherwise might be capitalized
  • Rev. Proc. 2015-56: the election to expense 75% of expenditures relating to certain types of real estate
  • Meaning of the “placed in service” requirement



Basic understanding of the tax rules dealing with individual income taxation


Surgent McCoy CPE, LLC

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