CPE Course Surgent's Advanced Technical Tax Forms Training - Form 1040 Issues (ATFI)

December 20, 2017

9:00 AM — 5:00 PM

Location Webinar

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Curriculum Taxation

Field of Interest

Level Advanced

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CPAs in public accounting who prepare or review complex 1040 returns

8.00 credits

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  • Recognize and understand how to handle advanced technical issues which arise in a professional practice and in preparing individual tax returns
  • Complete the tax forms for selected issues


  • What's NEW for this year -- Aimed at higher level staff issues and planning
  • Advanced practice, basis, reporting, and gift issues intertwined with advanced planning and discussion ideas
  • Most utilized new form for practitioners last year -- Form 8867, it is not just for earned income credit any longer
  • Form 6198 – At-risk basis: Detailed case study and discussion of how this form is to be used and when it needs to be filed; learn how basis and at-risk basis are different, and why this is significant
  • Form 982 – Reduction of tax attributes due to discharge of indebtedness (and §1082 basis adjustment); in light of the recession, real estate spiral and mortgage crisis of recent years, this form is essential to understand
  • Form 6252 – Installment sale income: A common tax area; however, a case study and discussion of this topic includes advanced issues such as gain on reacquisition of installment sale property, including worksheets on calculating gain & tax basis of reacquired property
  • Form 5329 – Additional Taxes on Qualified Plans: Advanced study of how to avoid penalties
  • Form 6251 – Detailed case study and discussion on the adjustments and preferences associated with Alternative Minimum Tax, including discussion of proper treatment of Incentive Stock Options


Dennis P. Benvie MS, CPA


Basic- to intermediate-level experience in preparing Form 1040


Surgent McCoy CPE, LLC

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