CPE Course Surgent's Secrets of Successful S Corporation Review (SSCR)

October 20, 2017

9:00 AM — 5:00 PM

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Curriculum Taxation

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CPAs, EAs, return preparers, tax attorneys, and other tax professionals who advise clients or businesses will benefit from this insightful webinar

8.00 credits

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  • Understand essential areas in S corp taxation
  • Identify planning opportunities and pitfalls of the S election
  • Avoid loss of S status


 Part 1: Formation, S Election and QSubs

  • Why an S corporation? Single level of taxation
  • Qualification: limitations at corporate and shareholder level
  • Election mechanics
  • Using dates to identify key issues: built-in gains and the presence of E&P
  • Automatic late election relief
  • Method of accounting and tax year
  • Allocation of income and loss: per share/per day
  • Closing of books election
  • QSubs: definition and qualification
  • QSub election mechanics
  • Deemed liquidation resulting from QSub election
  • Treatment of QSub as disregarded entity
  • Treatment of QSub as separate corporation for certain purposes
  • Termination of QSub election

Part 2: Built-In Gains and Basis

  •  Identifying and understanding the reason for the corporate tax on built-in gains
  • How to determine net unrealized built in gains and planning opportunities
  • How to determine realized built-in gains
  • Ways to reduce exposure to the built-in gains tax
  • Understanding the difference between stock basis and debt basis
  • Determining stock basis and debt basis
  • Computing the amount of allowable loss when loss exceeds stock and debt basis
  • Understanding the implications of repaying reduced-basis debt

Part 3: Determining the Taxability of S Corporation Distributions

  • Understanding the interplay between basis, AAA and E&P
  • Determining the taxability of distributions when S corporation has no E&P
  • Determining the taxability of distributions when S corporation has accumulated E&P

Part 4: Compensation Issues

  • Fringe benefits
  • Related party accruals
  • Reasonable compensation issues for shareholder/employees





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