CPE Course Don't Be the Next Wells Fargo: Avoiding the slippery slope of ethics

November 17, 2017

8:30am — 12:15pm


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Curriculum Ethics

Field of Interest Ethics

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No one wakes up one day and says, "I think I'll behave unethically today and make our company the laughing stock of the business world."  And yet it happens to well respected companies every year - Countrywide Mortgage, Toshiba, VW, Wells Fargo, and Uber to name a few.  Each one of those ethical failures began with one step, one fateful step that permanently damaged their reputation.    To avoid becoming the next front-page news story learn how companies develop ethical blindspots, to demonstrate that you C-A-R-E about ethics, and how to evaluate ethical dilemmas. 



Jennifer Elder, CPA, CMA, CIA, CFF,

Jennifer Elder, CPA, CMA, CIA, CFF, CGMA is a keynote speaker, trainer, and business coach dedicated to business transformation. For more than 20 years, she has been helping businesses by peeling back the layers of “administrivia” and finding the hidden strengths and core values that make you and your company awesome. Ms. Elder works with businesses to develop a compelling business strategy that is quick to implement that transforms your company from what you are now to what you have always wanted to be. Known for being energetic and enthusiastic, Ms. Elder has been delivering high-quality, customized training that make complicated topics easy to understand, relevant, and useful for years. She has conducted seminars for the Fortune 500, US Government, State CPA Societies, and CPA Firms in 33 states. Her sessions are highly interactive, full of discussion, and even entertaining. Ms. Elder received her BA from the University of Massachusetts and an MS in Organizational Management from Antioch University New England. She lives on her boat near Annapolis, Maryland.close



The Sustainable CFO

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