CPE Course Better Performance Plans Get Stronger Results from Your Compensation Plan

May 22, 2017

12:45pm — 4:30pm

Location Manchester

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Curriculum Management, Other, Specialized Knowledge, Personal Development

Field of Interest Management Advisory Services, Other, Benefits, Advisory Services, Practice Management, Small Business

Level Intermediate

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4.00 credits

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Why do some company performance plans inspire strong results while others sputter or even backfire?  Ineffective incentive plans often lack the advantage of important lessons from behavioral economics that help avoid potential pitfalls.  This seminar offers discussion and cases to expand your knowledge of how and why performance incentives work, learn what other companies are doing, and take a fresh look at your own plan.  You will have fun in this fast-paced, informative session.   

This seminar will include at least three cases or exercises for group discussion.


The Microeconomics of Motivating Your Team

  • Discover useful behavioral economics concepts and techniques
  • Apply behavioral economics concepts in your organization
  • Improve incentive compensation programs and employee performance plans

Compensation and Bonus Plans

  • Create the “right” compensation package
  • Design and manage bonuses
  • Understand how to motivate success with open book management 



Richard Karwic


None, but management experience helpful


Executive Education, Inc.

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