CPE Course Success Leaves Clues: Exploring Next Practices of Extraordinary Firms: Measure What Matters to Clients Using KPIs

October 24, 2017

1:00 PM — 3:00 PM

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Curriculum Management

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Designed for CPAs in any organization who are interested in measuring what matters to achieve effectiveness.

2.00 credits

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  • We work in an Intellectual Capital economy, not an Industrial economy or service economy, and why that difference is critical.
  • Determine why the traditional metrics of efficiency—which are over a century old—are no longer relevant to measuring the effectiveness of intellectual capital.
  • Identify the perils of Pantometry: Counting for the sake of counting.
  • Recognize the critical difference between a Key Performance Indicator and a Key Predictive Indicator.
  • Determine how to combine a theory with a measurement for maximum understanding.
  • Recognize Managing by Results versus Managing by Means.
  • Identify the ramifications of Boyle’s Law: “When you use numbers as the basis for payment, they become irrelevant to the broader objectives of the service.”


The Seven Moral Hazards of Measurements:

  1. We can count consumers but not individuals.
  2. You change what you measure.
  3. Measures crowd out intuition and insight.
  4. Measures are unreliable.
  5. The more we measure the less we can compare.
  6. The more intellectual the capital, the less you can measure it.
  7. All measurements are lagging, equivalent to timing your cookies with your smoke alarm.





California Society of CPAs

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