CPE Course Medicare and Its Gaps: What You and Your Clients Simply MUST Know

January 9, 2018

2:00 PM — 3:00 PM

Location Webinar

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All CPAs

1.00 credits

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*Medicare ABCs: When to apply. Part A. Part B

*Three pathways to fill the gaps in Medicare.

* Medigap plans.

* Advantage plans

*Part D Plans

*LTC Plans


*Medicare Basics: When to enroll (age 65 rules and exceptions). How to enroll. Need to supplement Medicare.

* Medicare Coverage:  Two Parts of “Original” Medicare 

* Part A: Hospital Insurance. Inpatient hospital care plus follow-up care. No premium for most.

* Part B: Medical Insurance. Doctor, outpatient, and certain other services. 2016 monthly base premium. Part B variable premiums and income brackets.

* Gaps in Medicare—pre-65 and post-65

* Filling the Gaps in Medicare--Before 65/Medicare eligibility: Retiree plans. Employer group plans. Individual plans






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