CPE Course Cyber Security & Regulations - Challenges to the Accounting Practice

October 31, 2017

9:00 AM — 10:41AM

Location Webinar

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Curriculum Management

Field of Interest

Level Beginning

Designed For

*accountants, *accounting firms, *their employees and *others working for financial service organizations.

2.00 credits

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*judging the potential costs to a company of a successful cyber-attack 

*loss of intellectual property

*breach of customer data privacy

*service and business interruptions

*damage to physical infrastructure (e.g. corrupted servers)

*loss of brand value

*response costs

*loss of stock market value

*regulatory inquiries

*class action litigation

*management distraction


*scope of cyber (IT) security issues as they apply to Accounting Practices

*SEC views regarding disclosure

*what is cyber security

*how it affects you and your clients

*why you should care about it and your responsibilities

*cyber threats to your business and you

*cyber attacks (phishing and hacking) and their impacts

*managing and mitigating the impacts






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