CPE Course Passive Activity Loss Rules - The Pendulum, At Long Last, Is Swinging Back Our Direction

October 14, 2017

1:00 PM — 5:00 PM

Location Webinar

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Curriculum Taxation

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Level Intermediate

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Anyone desiring to gain an in-depth working knowledge of the passive activity loss (PAL) rules and how to avoid losses from being stranded as passive

4.00 credits

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*To gain a working knowledge of and planning flair for the intricate passive activity loss rules for business and rentals

*To learn the 5 step approach to framing any passive loss analysis, keeping good passive loss files (and records) and preventing tax losses from being temporarily or permanently


*Structuring and operating to avoid losses irretrievably being stranded as “passive”?

*Passive Activity Loss 5 Step Approach – How it saves souls from drowning in the abyss

*What may and may not be grouped together – How grouping can win the battle or sink you

*Fresh Start Regrouping Rules - The biggest thing to hit PAL rules since 1986?

*Why “non-passive” and “active” are not even close to the same thing

*How the way a pass-through entity reports activities can protect or impale you

*How the Tax Court is rewriting the material participation time log (or not) rules

*IRS’ Passive Activity Audit Guide: Biases revealed and secrets told

*Which hurdle do you jump over first? Basis, at-risk, PAL, NOL? Which second, third, fourth?

*How to keep (and show your client how to keep) "off tax return" records to avoid disastrous passive activity train wrecks

*Real estate professional – The “live for today” election – Every hand’s a winner, every hand’s a loser

*Recharacterization rules: Navigating through the land mines to safety

*Effects of various transactions between a closely held entity and its owner, including self charged interest, self charged rent and other self charged transactions

*What do the passive loss rules have to do with estate planning anyway?

*Timing, timing, timing and other freight train stories – a/k/a Why I want a “complete disposition” when I grow up






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