CPE Course College Education Planning - Threading the Needle Between Tax Breaks and College Financial Aid

October 30, 2017

1:00 PM — 4:00 PM

Location Webinar

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Curriculum Taxation

Field of Interest

Level Intermediate

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Anyone desiring to gain a working knowledge of how to send an individual to college and afford to pay for it by best leveraging available tax breaks and college financial aid resources

3.00 credits

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*To learn how to thread the needle and maximize both college financial aid and college saving and spending tax breaks, without one unraveling the other


* The price tag of college is sky high and soaring. How to intelligently afford it? Most people give up on pursuit of college financial aid prematurely or, worse yet, don't even apply for it. Tax breaks help some, but may cost the unskilled attempter otherwise available financial aid dollars

* Designing and implementing a successful college planning strategy

* Planning to maximize financial aid

* Avoiding the deadly conflict between tax planning and financial aid planning

* 529 plans: Choice of proper state plan and operational maneuvers

* Financial aid formulas and strategies: Proper asset structure and timing of income 

* How to appeal and negotiate with colleges and universities

* How to attend a private college for the cost or less than the cost of a state college

* Tax planning strategies galore: The best are not the most obvious

* Brilliance in structuring loans

* Solving the complex maze of rules, choices






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